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Rebecca Lavoie, CFM

I get it.

I am a divorced parent of two children and I am the child of divorced parents. Additionally, I have worked in the Family Court System in New Hampshire. I have experienced divorce and co-parenting struggles from multiple points of view, and I have seen what conflict and the often adversarial divorce process can do to people when it is not managed well. I have also witnessed the incredible transformative, relationship-changing power of well-managed conflict. 

I offer mediation services for all types of disputes, and I specialize in family/divorce mediation. I am a New Hampshire Certified Family Mediator, which means I have met the education and experience requirements defined by NH Law. I am contracted with the State Maine to provide mediation services as part of the CADRES mediation roster. I have a BS Degree, and I have taken Law Classes at Boston University. 

I volunteer for two organizations in Maine that provide community mediation free of charge, and I also volunteer for the NH Attorney General Office helping consumers and businesses resolve complaints.  

I offer a private, supportive, comfortable space for people to explore options for resolution. My approach is calm and non-judgemental. I am committed to helping people take charge of their own conflicts, solutions, and relationships.





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