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Helping clients navigate conflict for better outcomes

Olive Branch Mediation specializes in mediation for all types of disputes. We believe that conflict is part of life, and that every conflict provides an opportunity for greater understanding and empowerment of the parties involved. 

Mediation provides the vehicle for people to manage life's most difficult situations while maintaining control of outcomes, personal dignity, and relationships. 

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Areas of Practice


There are many things to consider when a couple has made the decision to divorce; including the equitable distribution of assets, debts, and property. If there are children, a parenting schedule and child support must be established and approved by the court. No one is in a better position to determine what is fair and equitable for the parties than the parties themselves. Mediation helps people determine what is important and fair in their unique situation, as well as maintain control of outcomes through agreements. Agreements will be drafted as part of the mediation process, and parties will submit these agreements to the court for approval. 


Mediation can help resolve issues between businesses and consumers in less time and with less associated expense and reputation damage than through litigation. 


Agreements that have been reached in a divorce or parenting court case sometimes need to be modified to reflect current circumstances. These agreements include parenting plans and child/spousal support orders. Mediation can help parties determine what is fair and reasonable, and draft an agreements that will stand the test of time. 

Probate, Estate, guardianship

Mediation can help settle disputes relative to estates and guardianship matters. These matters are frequently emotional. Mediation can help facilitate communication and foster understanding of all viewpoints, thereby resolving conflict and preserving relationships. 


When parties that are not married but have children in common decide to go separate ways, a parenting plan detailing how the parents will divide time parenting the child and child support should be established for the benefit of the child. Mediation can help parents determine what works for them, and establish an agreement that will maintain relevancy through the years, thereby eliminating opportunities for disagreements.

co-PArenting Conflict

Conflicts frequently arise between parents of children who are both involved in the children's lives but not together. Mediation can help parents understand one another's viewpoints, fears, and needs during confidential conversations held in a safe and comfortable environment. These conversations usually help parents come back to what is most important-the best interests of the child. This approach helps parents maintain productive and respectful relationships. 



In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity
— Albert Einstein


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